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Purchase tickets for the 2024 Brighton Show

You can purchase tickets on the day at the gate, or you can purchase tickets online now. To get started, select the day you would like to purchase tickets for.

Tickets can be printed off, or you can show your ticket(s) via your phone screen.

We recommend care is taken to remember your tickets. However, with a minor delay we can confirm your ticket purchases by alternative means.

If you decide to purchase your tickets via our website, you can do so via PayPal only. However, you do not need a PayPal account to complete a payment with their payment service. After clicking the Yellow "PayPal" icon, simply click "Pay with a card" instead of logging in.

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Tickets for the 2024 show are not yet for sale

Thank you for interest in Brighton Show tickets. However, ticket sales for the upcoming Brighton show are not yet available for purchase. Please check back closer to the 12th of November.